Sant’Elmo Tower

Sant’Elmo tower, characterized by the presence of the Aragonese crown’s crest, has the typical architectural structure of the XVI century buildings.

The tower is entitled to Sant’Erasmo, the seafarer saint, whose veneration dates back to centuries ago, as proved by the presence of an altar in a cave nearby Capo Caccia.

Since 1950 it hosts the bronze simulacrum of Our Lady of Stella Maris. Nearby the tower there is the ancient door of Sant’Elmo, that is now opened after being walled up for a long time. To the right there is the last portion of the Bastioni Pigafetta, composed of a walkway built over the arcades, which were the entrances to the ancient harbor inside the city walls, where the ships could be better protected.

At the end of the walkway there is the last part of the bastioni dedicated to seafarer Ferdinando Magellano, and the staircase that brings to Porto Salve, the ancient sea entrance to the city.

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