Torre dello Sperone

The “Torre dello Sperone Reale” is certainly the majestic of the entire fortified system. In fact, the emperor Carlo V, during a trip to the city in 1541, said “bonita por mi fe y muy bien asentada”. The perimetral walls are 6 meters thick and the two floors are linked by a spiral staircase that grants the access to the upper floor.

The tower is historically relevant for the heroic actions of the Algherese women, who participated to the ouster of the Viscount of Narbona. Since this historical event, in 1412, began the tradition of the “Cobles”, sung by the people before burning a puppet representing a French soldier.

Since 1800 the tower has been called Torre di Sulis, because from 1799 up until 1821, Vincenzo Sulis, a tribune form Cagliari, was imprisoned there after being accused of conjure and treason.


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