Torre della Maddalena

At the beginning of the Bastioni della Maddalena, in the area named Molo Dogana there is la Torre della Maddalena, built in 1500 over the pre-existent fortification.

The tower is linked to a fort that throughout the centuries was used for many purposes. At the beginning of 1900, for example, it was a construction site for ships. The tower presents the typical structures used to throw boiled oil and water at the enemies.

The entrance is located in the upper floor. Above the door there is a recess that hosts a statue, maybe of Maddalena, although because of its condition, it is impossible to be sure.

The tower is also called Torre di Garibaldi to honor the Italian hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, who came to Alghero in 1885 to save his relatives, among which the Mayor of Alghero Giovanni Battista Garibaldi, from Cholera.

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