Porto Conte Park

Porto Conte Regional Park is a protected natural area characterised by the presence of many animal species as well as endemic plants.

The park is in Alghero territory and is 5.000  hectares  big.  On  the  inside  there  is  a  state  forest  called  “Le  Prigionette”,  part  of   the Parco Geominerario della Sardegna, Capo Caccia site, Punta Giglio and the specially protected area of Capo Caccia. Nearby Alghero, in the North, there is the Calich lagoon, a naturalistic resource where a lot of animal species can find food and protection.

The park’s territory was already inhabited during the Neolithic age, and hosts Nuragic buildings, such as Palmavera and Sant’Imbenia, the ruins of the Roman villa Sant’Imbenia and coast towers of the 1500. There is also evidence of the penitentiary, consisting of the village of Tramariglio.



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