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Consorzio Porto di Alghero

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The Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer13most beautiful harbour on the west coast of Sardinia, Alghero, naturally sculpted from the pretty little peninsula, faces onto the Coral Riviera, leaving all those who arrive by sea, speechless.

Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer19This natural port housed the ships of the very first Genoese who founded the town in the 12th century, in around 1102, providing support along the Mediterranean merchants routes, until it was transformed, during the Catalan and Spanish dominations (from 1354 onwards), into a military stronghold that saw its greatest evolution in the 14th century.

Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer11Today, Alghero’s port boasts around 2200 moorings and is a large, important example of hospitality for international pleasure boating, as well as a popular stopover for cruise ships.

The little town expresses its culture through an elegant old town that is bursting with exciting opportunities for discovery, for fans of Catalan architecture.

Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer10In addition to this, the urban transformations that came to an end in around the 19th century, complete the offer with countless historical examples bearing witness to the typical characters of the various eras in which the town was inhabited, with the many cultural climates of which we can still see indelible traces today in its streets and suggestive urban views.

Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer12The whole coastal territory around the town is beautiful. Bright white sandy beaches alternate with rocky cliffs dropping sheer down to the sea, flatter rocks and hidden bays, where you can lose yourself in an infinite blue, and become inebriated with the perfume of maritime pine trees and Mediterranean scrub.

Consorzio-del-porto-Alghero-TotAlguer8The typical vegetation of the Alghero countryside is filled with olive groves, vineyards and oak woods and myrtle plants that regale this land with famous food and wine produce along with that from the agricultural shepherding heritage.




Insurance: the port is insured for third party and fire.
Boat mooring tariffs: daily, monthly and annually, taxes included. Tariffs calculated according to vessel length. If more than 18 metres, calculated according to length times width.
Catamarans: can be moored with a 50% surcharge to apply to standard tariffs.
Reductions on tariffs: reduced tariffs can be enjoyed if booking by February or through agencies, and in winter if you are the principal of a moorings place in a networked port.
Mooring assistance: from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Hull length: in cement harbours, vessels up to 50 metres can moor safely.
Depth: at port entrance, 5 metres; within from 1.80 to 5 metres.
Moorings with buoy: at the Sanità (Health) and Dogana (Customs) docks.
Weather service: weather forecast updated every morning.
Fuel: the port service station is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Water and electricity: 24 hours a day, included in the price.
Vessel washing: with water or bio detergents only.
Monitoring: 24 hours a day on the Visconti docks. From June to September, 12/14 hours a day on the Sanità (Health) and Dogana (Customs) docks. Two daytime guardians, one night-time guardian (in winter only on the Visconti dock).
Vehicle access to docks: only permitted to vehicles with special passes. Passes are issued with the annual moorings contracts. In all other cases, please apply to the Circomare.
Parking in the port area: free of charge, reserved to pass-holders.
Toilets and hot showers: in the port area, managed by another organisation.
Rubbish bins: On the quays.
Port services: within 500 metres of docks Sanità (Health) and Dogana (Customs), there are public telephones, pharmacies, supermarkets, snack bars, restaurants, hotels and nautical clubs (Lega Navale, Yacht Club, Club Nautico). A little further away, there are the tourist information offices and maritime authorities, laundry, hairdresser and artisan shops.
Restaurants: in the old town, opposite the port, many possibilities of food, from a simple roll to Catalan-style lobster.

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