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San Michele

San Michele is the Jesuits church, who arrived in the city in 1584. Although it existed already in the XV century, the church was partially rebuilt in the second half of 1600, thanks to the generosity of Algherese soldier Gheroni Ferret. As of today, the church is entitled to the city patron, San Michele, whose festivity is on 29 September. The church can be seen from the long distance, thank to its poly-chrome dome, one of the symbols of the city.

Orari Invernali

  • Lun - Ven: 10:00
  • Sabato e prefestivi: 18:30
  • Domenica: 09:00 / 18:30

Orari Estivo

  • Lun - Ven: 10:00
  • Sabato e prefestivi: 19:00
  • Domenica: 09:00 / 19:00
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