Brief History of Alghero

The first inhabitants of West Sardinia arrived during the Neolithic era. One of the first group of people who migrate to Sardinia probably relocated in Grotta Verde, where it was found evidence of human life. However, 1102 is considered the year of creation of the first village, S’Alighiera or L’Alighiera, owing to the Dorias, an important family from Genova. During this period, the small village grew substantially, especially for what concerns Economics. Sardinia, and Alghero in particular, were also conquered by the Spaniards, owing to the geographic position: Alghero was, in fact, an important access point for the Spanish.

The city became Catalan in 1354, when Peter III, know as “Il Cerimonioso”, substituted the local population with Catalan immigrants, who received many privileges for their relocation. The Catalan-Aragonese dominated the area for 4 centuries, and their influence can be seen nowadays in churches, streets, buildings and fortifications. In 1714, Alghero became a part of the Savoia kingdom, thus losing its military function. Since 1800, the big families moved to Alghero from Liguria and Naples began a tradition of coral fishing, making the local economy grow. Thanks to its geographic collocation, tourism plays a huge role in Alghero’s economy.

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