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Civic Library – Biblioteca del Mediterraneo

Area interesse: Libraries
Area interesse: Libraries

The Biblioteca del Mediterraneo of Alghero is located in the former church of Santa Chiara, an invaluable building that since 1647 has housed the cloistered convent of the Isabelline nuns.

In 1868 the whole estate became property of the municipality of Alghero, that in 1870 turned it into a civic hospital, serving this function up until 1970. After more than thirty years of abandonment, the entire complex was restored and the run down area transformed into an exceptional centre of culture.

As of today, part of this complex houses the Department of Architecture of the University of Sassari, which is accessible from “Bastioni Pigafetta“, while in the internal part, which can be reached from Piazza Molo, is located the civic libraryRafael Sari” and the Historic Archive of Alghero.

The civic library hosts 45.800 volumes, which are classifies into 10 main subjects, housing the entire documentary heritage of the city. it is worth mentioning the local sections (Alghero and Sardinia), which count more than 2500 elements, among which texts of local authors about history, geography, local traditions and customs; the section “Pasquale Chessa” counts more than 10000 volumes, donated by the well-known journalist and historian from Alghero; the Catalan archive holds more than 2500 volumes.

The Biblioteca del Mediterraneo links the civic library with the Department of ArchitectureFernando Clemente“.

⇒ During the following timetable, access to the library is allowed only from Bastioni Pigafetta:
Monday – Friday 14:00 pm – 15:30 pm / 18:30 pm – 22:00 pm
Saturday 09:00 am – 14:00 pm

Piazza Molo 2, Santa Chiara - Alghero (SS)

Tel: +390799978818

E-mail: biblioteca@comune.alghero.ss.it

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