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Area interesse: Libraries
Area interesse: Libraries

L’Archivio Storico Diocesano (Historical Diocesan Archive) of Alghero is located in Palau del Bisbe (Palazzo del Vescovo). The building, originally a private house, was bought at the end of XVI century from the bishop Andrea Baccallar (1578-1604) who transformed it into the episcopal centre. One of the main documents about the institution of the Historical Diocesan Archive of Alghero is the Diocesan Synod celebrated in the cathedral between 1567 and 1570.

Several restorations granted a better preservation and use of the documentation. The last restoration dates back to 1995 up until 2002, when the new rooms were inaugurated: the first, dedicated to the canon and archivist Antonio Michele Argiolas (1771- 1826), hosts the modern library and the computer lab; the second, dedicated to the bishop Andrea Baccallar, is designed to host archivists and apprentices, but it also guards bibliographical and archivist documents, just like the third room, which is entitled to bishop Pietro Frago (1566- 1572).

The documentation is parted into sections: the fund of the episcopal curia (XVI-XX century), the fund of the ecclesiastic court (XV- XX) and the fund of the cathedral chapter (XV- XX). A part from these funds, there are also minor funds and private funds. Some of the documents are written in several languages, such as Catalan (XIV century), Spanish Castillano, Sardinian and Italian, introduced between the end of XVIII and the beginning of XIX century, following the Sabaudian domination. However, the most used language in the documentation dating back from XVI to XX century is Latin.

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