Spiaggia del Lazzaretto – Lazzaretto Beach

Located in the northern side of Spiaggia delle Bombarde, there is Spiaggia del Lazzaretto, which is composed of a white sandy main beach and several inlets, mostly visited by people who likes to sunbathe in secluded areas. The beach owes its name to a VI century building, that was used to help the quarantined ships during the plague. SERVICES: The beach is equipped with a large camping area and a

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Spiaggia del Lido – Lido Beach

The white and thin sand beach is located inside the city and is 3 km long. It is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and local families, owing to its accessibility from the port and from the city center. SERVICES: There are several beach resorts spaced out by free beaches. There are also many bars restaurants and accommodations. BEACH FACILITIES: La Marina > Magic Beach > Raggio di

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Spiaggia della Dragunara – Dragunara Beach

On the road to Capo Caccia there is the little Spiaggia della Dragunara, covered in golden sand and emerald water. It is characterized by several inlets and its name originates from the Latin word “Dragunara”, which means hovel. There is also a little port that in the summertime becomes a dock for the boats used for the excursions to the Nettuno caves. SERVICES: Cala Dragunara parking area is small but

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Spiaggia delle Bombarde – Bombarde Beach

It is the most famous beach in Alghero, and the most visited by young people. Although the storm surges restricted the sandy beach, the water is still fresh and crystal clear. SERVICES: Nearby the beach there is an hotel, as well as bars and restaurants and beach resorts with children friendly areas. There is also an adventure park and a playground for kids.

Spiaggia di Fertilia – Fertilia Beach

Just before arriving to Fertilia, a city built in 1936, after the area’s reclamation, there is the namesake beach, that is the prosecution of Maria Pia beach. It is a large beach, characterized by white sand and a flat sea bottom. It is mostly visited by families, thank to the possibility to let the children play safely. SERVICES: The area has many bars, restaurants and accommodations, among which a very

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Spiaggia di Maria Pia – Maria Pia Beach

Preceded by a pin grove, the beautiful Maria Pia beach is characterized by thin and white sand beach and crystal water. It is a good place for families and young people also thanks to the sandy dunes spaced out by vegetation, that shelters from the high temperatures. SERVICES: There are several beach resorts spaced out by free beaches. There are also many bars restaurants and accommodations. BEACH FACILITIES: Hermeu >

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Spiaggia di Mugoni – Mugoni Beach

On the road to Capo Caccia there a white sandy beach with crystal clear water, that goes on for kilometers. Mugoni beach, thanks to its privileged position inside an inlet and the presence of a pin forest, is enclosed from winds and currents. The pin forest is the ideal place to have lunch or to be sheltered from the high temperatures. On the same road, 1 km to the left,

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Spiaggia di Porticciolo – Porticciolo Beach

It is located inside of a magnificent bay and dominated by an Aragonese tower from which it is possible to admire a wonderful landscape. It is characterized by a golden beach and surrounded by aromatic plants and Mediterranean scrub, that create a romantic atmosphere. SERVICES: A part of the beach is property of a camping village nearby.

Spiaggia di Porto Ferro – Porto Ferro Beach

After crossing a beautiful pin forest, there is one of the largest beaches in the area, with a characteristic yellow and reddish sand. There is also an inlet protected by two coast towers built in 1500 by the Spaniards: Torre Negra on the Northern side and Torre Bantine e Sale in the South. The sea is crystal clear and characterized by a constant wave movement, which makes of the beach

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Spiaggia di Punta Negra – Punta Negra Beach

It is a little inlet located just after Fertilia. It is composed of white sand and flat rocks, making of it the ideal place to sunbathe, and fresh and crystal water. It is mostly visited by families and young people, but it is never overcrowded. SERVICES: Fertilia beach is free but a limited area was given to Hotel Punta Negra.

Spiaggia La Speranza – La Speranza Beach

La Speranza beach, called like that for the presence of a little church nearby, is located on the road to Bosa, 8 km far from Alghero. Its real name is Porto Pollina, that is also the name of an Aragonese tower built in 1500. the sand is clear and thin and goes on ifor hundreds of meters, and the sea bottom is flat and thin. SERVICES: There is a parking

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