Historical Civic Archive

The Archivio Storico Comunale (Historical Civic Archive, located on the first floor in the same building as the civic library) holds the documents produced since the Aragonese conquest, in 1354 until the 1390s, including Alghero among the most valuable libraries in regards of rare and valuable materials. Anyone can freely enroll by going to the library with a valid ID and filling in a registration form with the informative on privacy

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Historical Diocesan Archive

L’Archivio Storico Diocesano (Historical Diocesan Archive) of Alghero is located in Palau del Bisbe (Palazzo del Vescovo). The building, originally a private house, was bought at the end of XVI century from the bishop Andrea Baccallar (1578-1604) who transformed it into the episcopal centre. One of the main documents about the institution of the Historical Diocesan Archive of Alghero is the Diocesan Synod celebrated in the cathedral between 1567 and

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Bibliorosa – Biblioteca del Rosario

The Biblioteca del Rosario, Bibliorosa, began its service in 1980 and is now run by volunteers. Their purpose is to offer library services in order to promote the social and cultural growth of the area. The service is addressed to children and young people, making it possible to underprivileged people to access the information.

Biblioteca Casa Circondariale Fabrizio de Andrè

The library, dedicated to the famous singer and songwriter from Genoa, contains an heritage ofmore than 10000 volumes. The loan service and cataloguing are provided by the inmates, who can benefit of a professional training in the field, in hopes of a future job placement.

Civic Library – Biblioteca del Mediterraneo

The Biblioteca del Mediterraneo of Alghero is located in the former church of Santa Chiara, an invaluable building that since 1647 has housed the cloistered convent of the Isabelline nuns. In 1868 the whole estate became property of the municipality of Alghero, that in 1870 turned it into a civic hospital, serving this function up until 1970. After more than thirty years of abandonment, the entire complex was restored and the

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Biblioteca della Fraternita della Misericordia

The Biblioteca della Fraternita della Misericordia was founded in 1984 thanks to former President Mario Sari and Dean Father Salvatore Marongiu. It was created owing to a donation of 4800 volumes by Giuseppe Pezzi, an well-known algherese doctor and Professor of History of Medicine in Rome and Naples. The library heritage grew even more thanks to the donations of local journalist and historian Beppe Sechi Copello and Professor of History of the

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Biblioteca San Michele

The Biblioteca San Michele, with a book heritage of 22000 volumes is one of the main libraries of the urban library system of Alghero and joins the National Library Service. Its catalog is totally computerised and can be consulted on Sardegna BiblioSar website.