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Area interesse: Transport
Area interesse: Transport

Alghero’s airport, Fertilia, is located in the area called Nuraghe Biancu, which is 10 km far from the city of Alghero.

Aeroporto-esterno-Alghero-Totalguer Aeroporto-interno-Alghero-Totalguer

The airport can be reached from the main Sardinian towns by car, motorcycle, bus, taxi and “NCC” (private hire car service).

Dedicated parking areas are available to private transports (cars, motorcycles, campers), with safe and direct access to Arrivals and Departures terminals.

Aeroporto-parcheggio-Alghero-Totalguer Aeroporto-parcheggio2-Alghero-Totalguer

The management of Areoporto di Alghero is entrusted to So.GE.A.Al.SpA (Società di Gestione Aeroporto di Alghero). Buses, cabs and NCC stops can be found nearby the entrances/exits of the airport.

Autobus aeroporto ALGHERO TOTALGUER autobus aeroporto2 Alghero Totalguer

Web site: www.aeroportodialghero.it

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